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How to keep motivated to exercise?

As we approach our week 3 of the Stronger Together Challenge, I understand that it is hard to keep the same enthusiasm as at the beginning. So, the question is: how do you keep motivated, not just to finish this challenge but to keep yourself going even when we are done. Continue reading as I will give you some tips!

Let me start by telling you something you might not be expecting. You DON’T need motivation to keep your workouts. No. What you need is: Discipline!

Motivation comes from the latin word motivus or motus which literally means “cause of movement”. This is what inspires us to move. However, motivation is dynamic. It changes over time. It can increase or decrease. On the other hand, we have discipline, which is the capacity to act persistently to achieve something. Key word: Persistently. Discipline is rational where as motivation is emotional. So, when we have discipline, it is our brain telling us what we NEED to do in order to attain our goals.

Now, how do you develop said discipline?

1) Be aware of your weaknesses. Know yourself enough to understand what your weak points are so you can work on that.

2) Eliminate temptations. As the saying goes: “Out of sigh, out of mind”. Getting rid of temptations will make it easier for you to follow the path you had already planned.

3) Set goals and plan for them. I’ve said it before, you need a plan and a schedule. This will help you visualize what you are looking to accomplish as well as provide you with a clear path and accountability.

4) Create simple habits. Instead of trying to do one big thing, start with baby steps. Just like with the core/balance workouts. The goal is to build your strength or improve your balance. You won’t achieve this by lifting tons of weights everyday. However, through small workouts you will see progress until you achieve what you have set out to do.

5) Reward yourself! Think of something that you really want and once you have achieved a goal, get yourself that thing you wanted. It can be small things. Just having something to look forward to will help you.

And my BONUS tip is to have your fit fam help you be accountable. We always check-in on fridays, remember you are welcome as this hangouts are always FREE.

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