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Want results? The importance of scheduling your workouts!

Do you know someone who started to exercise and changed his/her diet and just as quickly dropped out? Results, as I read somewhere, are not “Amazon Prime”, they don’t arrive overnight. You may know other people who have lasted longer but still don’t see the changes they are looking for. This is very common. It might be due to not following the right schedule. They may not know what are the right exercises or how many times a week they should exercise to reach their goals.

If you have a concrete goal, you need a plan. This includes your workout regime and your diet. What should you consider before creating your schedule? 1) Progression principle: You need to remember that your body adapts. The exercises that were hard for you the first week, may not be by the second or third. The diet that helped you lose some weight at the beginning might not be what you need after a certain amount of time. This is why it is important to plan your progression so you don’t get stuck.

2) Flexibility: Since your body will adapt to your new routine and diet, you need to be flexible to modify your plan. You will need to adjust as you see changes in your body.

3) Exercise, Nutrition & Resting: We talked about exercise and diet but resting is often forgotten. The right balance between these three elements will help you reach your goal. This is where RECOVERY comes in. It will help your body restore as well.

Now, why would you do all of this?

You will notice that following a well thought-out plan will help you reach your target ideally in the shortest amount of time possible but be realistic in your timeframe.

This might sound very overwhelming but take it in small steps. First, define your goals, then create a plan that works for you (taking into account your other activities). Lastly, be sure to reassess yor plan and adjust if necessary. Remember that, if you need any help, I’m always here for you.

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