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Why “summer body” is toxic

So, you want a summer body? Ok. I’ll tell you what you need. First step: Have a body. Second: Wait for summer. Done. That’s it. But on a more serious note, I think we need to see that the whole “beach body”, “summer body” and the like can end up being toxic.

Let’s start by acknowledging that there isn’t even a definition of what “summer body” means. However, we all know that this is just an idealization of a “perfect” body type that leaves out every real body type. So, all of us. And what is worse, it may lead to feeling like we’re not “look the part,” feeling insecure or downright forbbiden to use certain clothes or swimsuits. As if we don’t have the right to “be” much less enjoy summer time.

And, secondly, thinking and caring about what you eat and your workout routine shouldn’t be a few months a year thing. We should always be mindful of this and not for an esthetic reason, but for your health. Also, we should do this because it brings us joy, because we enjoy it.

I would like to finish by saying that in our FitFam, we focus on health above image and the joy of moving vs. having to do something and if that sounds good to you, then you might want to join us on our free weekly hangouts or maybe even schedule a class to start your journey!

Let me know, what do you think about the “summer body” thing?

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