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Why nutrition coaching?

Improving your health and your overall relationship with food may be very complicated. You may have read a ton of articles, tried a lot of diets, keep going back to square 1 or had a complicated relationship with food. Doctors and nutritionists may help you understand important facts about food and the effects it has on your body but there can be a gap a nutrition coach can fill. Let me tell you more.

A nutrition coach is someone who can help guide and assist you at every step of your journey – whatever your goals may be. But it goes beyond losing or gaining weight. They can also help you have a better relationship with food. They don’t substitute a nutritionist or registered dietitian rather they are a great complement.

So, what exactly does a nutrition coach do? They are advisors who will provide support and guidance so you can make sustainable changes to improve your health and wellbeing. They can also see the whole picture, meaning food, finances, career, and movement. They view the body as a whole, and go beyond counting calories. He or she will:

  • Help you set a realistic goal.

  • Will help motivate you to reach said goal.

  • Will help you to identify what obstacles may be in your way.

  • Will help you set up a step by step guide taking under consideration your lifestyle so each action is present on a daily basis.

  • Will help you manage your emotions, specially those that could potentially affect your diet.

Just like we discussed on our previous post regarding personal trainers, a nutrition coach will help you with your accountability and commitment rendering positive results. If you need help, I’m also available for nutrition coaching, just send me a DM for more information.


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