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Benefits of working out outside!

I know I don’t need to tell you that there are a ton of benefits of working out, however, were you aware of the advantages of taking your workouts outside? Let me share with you the top 5 benefits!

According to a study done by the University of Essex, doing only 5 minutes of exercise (regardless of which), will boost your self esteem and mood in a way which an indoor exercise routine wouldn’t. It has also been proven that 30 minutes of exercise (outside) with the Sun’s help and the contact with nature will increase your energy and reduce your anxiety and stress levels.

1) You will boost your inmunity. By being exposed to the microbes you can find in nature while working out outside, you help your inmune system better react towards infections and health problems.

2) Endorphin levels. Also known as the “happiness hormones”. Our bodies generate more endorphins when we workout outside compared to any indoor activity. It also increases when we are accompanied by family or friends.

3) Reducess tiredness. Being in contact with nature and its pleasant stimuli work as a distraction and allows us to increase our stamina during the workout session.

4) Energy. When working out outside, you are facing an uneven terrain, a resistance to the air, and so, you will be using more energy and thus, burning more calories.

5) Helps with your mental health. The prolonged exposure to nature improves your mental health.

And these are 5 of the benefits of taking your exercise routine outside. Now, let me know, have you noticed any difference when you workout sorounded by nature? Share a photo in the comments! I want to know.

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