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5 tips for busy moms to keep exercising!

No matter how well organized you are, nothing will prepare you for the chaos that can be managing your time when you have children. So, squeezing time for you might sound impossible. But I’d like to share some tips that might help you keep exercising even while being a busy mom!

1) First things first. Whenever possible, try to exercise first thing in the morning. When you are a mom, chaos will ensue at some, okay all, point(s) during the day. If you leave exercise for “later” - well, later may never come. You will feel better taking exercise off your list at the beginning of your day.

2) Schedule your routine. Even if you can’t exercise in the morning, you can still schedule your exercise routine. It’s just like Fred Johnston wrote “Scheduling is power. It provides you power over your time and attention.” It is less likely you will skip your class if you have already booked it! Plus, when you book your class with me, you may get a check in if you don’t show (more on that in tip 5).

3) Plan every routine. It is important that you know which zones you will be targeting on each workout so you can vary it and accomplish your goals. Remember that if you need any personal training, I can help you!

4) What to wear? Don’t waste your time choosing your outfit. My advice? Plan it the night before. This will save you time in the morning you can use exercising.

5) Accountability & Support. It is very important to have a support group. People who will understand you and won’t judge you but who also will keep you accountable and help you reach your goals. Remember that every friday we have a free hangout. You will find tips and encouragement here! (and lots of laughs).

EXTRA TIP: I know I said 5, but I will love to give you a bonus: BE KIND to yourself! Sometimes life happens and you may not be able to take the whole class or you won’t be able to run those 5 miles you had planned. You can be flexible and adapt. You may trade the 1-hour class for a 30 minute workout. You may have to switch your morning class and do one in the afternoon when your kid is napping or doing homework or you won’t be able to do anything at all and THAT’S OK. Remember, it is important to take care of yourself so you can take care of your family!

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Jenni Hirvinen
Jenni Hirvinen
Mar 30, 2021

My tip for busy moms when to exercise would be right after work day. That has worked for me now when I work from home and found your AMAZING classes. 😊

And I agree with the importance of the scheduling your exercise. Schedule your exercise and let your family know about it!

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