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Why you should treat your workouts as meetings? aka: Schedule your workouts!

On my last blog post, I talked about why you need to schedule your workouts. I mentioned the importance of setting goals, creating a plan and following and adjusting as necessary. Today, I want to emphasize why you should schedule them – as in adding them to your agenda.

As you already know, you need consistency in order to see results and achieve your goals. And the very first thing you require is a plan that includes what exercises you will do as well as how often. You might want to add a planner to write down this routine but also, add them to your calendar. Whether it is your physical or your digital calendar – even on your work’s so that you know you have set aside that particular time of the day for YOU.

When you actually write down your exercise as “appointments”, it is harder for you to miss them, as you have already “made a commitment” to yourself. This also lets other people know you are not available at that specific time.

Another thing that will help you follow through is having a support group for accountability. Our FitFam checks in every friday and we share our struggles and our wins. This is a great space that will motivate you to keep on track! So, drop in! (remember this is completely FREE). You can get the link here.

And lastly, but not least, when scheduling your workouts remember you NEED recovery. Yes, I said NEED. You won’t see progress if you don’t let your body recover. So, forget doing cardio and strength like crazy, they WON’T work unless you let your body heal. If you want more reasons, click here. And if you need, you can book a class here.

Remember that I’m always here for you. If you need help creating your plan or setting your goals, let me know. You can DM me for more information 😉

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Claudia Ruiz
Claudia Ruiz
Apr 17, 2021

Thanks for your help, the truth is that it is very important to think a little about one and not always about the others. in my case I already put on my calendar the entire next week. To keep going with the challenge “Si No Pa Que” 🤣💪🏻


Speroni Carole
Speroni Carole
Apr 16, 2021

That’s exactly what I was thinking today: Eryn is right, planning your workouts really works!! I feel committed indeed and it motivates me a lot. Thanks ☺️

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