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Is recovery really that important for you?

Have you ever skipped the stretching at the end of your training and thought: “Oh, well, I did the hard part.”? Or, have you gone weeks training and sticking to your exercise routine but never set a day to recover? Well, I have news for you: letting your body recover is a BIG DEAL. Let me tell you why:

What does recovery provide your body?

When we put our muscles under the “stress” of exercise, we activate them so they prepare to gain tone, but they can’t do that (grow, get that tone) until they are in the resting phase.

Resting allows us to recover from exercise. When we workout we burn energy, we sweat (or shine or sparkle) and we consume the “body’s fuel” that can only be recovered after a good rest.

In an interview with the BBC, Mundo Juan Francisco Marco, a professor of Sports Science in Spain, said: “If you don’t recover, your body won’t respond when you try any cardio or strength exercise”.

5 tips to recover after training:

1) NEVER skip a cooldown. This is very basic. I know that right after we are done from a hard training, we want to run and take a shower or do something else but, before that, remember that we need to stretch because this helps prevent injuries.

2) Let your body REST. If you skip a workout (or two, or three...) don’t try to do “double” to make up for it. Just go back to your normal routine or even do a little less until your body gets back on track again.

3) Eat well, sleep better. I know I don’t have to remind you how important your diet and sleep are. Not just for exercising and reaching your fitness goals but also for your body’s recovery (and overall health). If you follow a balanced diet and sleep your eight hours, you will notice how your body needs less time to recover.

4) Drink water. Hydration is key when you are working out. You need to do it before, during and after your workout. Water is in charge of mantaining the blood’s volume, which in turn, is in charge of oxygen supply. Shoot for half your body weight (lbs) in fluid ounces of water a day.

5) Set a day for recovery! You need to let your body (and mind) take a little break. I’m all for pushing our limits but we need to be smart about it and recovery is a different way of pushing.

These are easy tips to follow and your body will be grateful that you took the time and effort to look after it and you’ll fell it during n your next workout 😉 And remember, you can always come stretch with me on Mondays! 😀 I have a recovery class – you only need 45 minutes. Try it out and you will notice the difference.

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