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Weekly Check-Ins

We are so excited to see you all devoted to your new healthy habits and we want to continue to support you so we have some additional tools.

Friday's join us for our Virtual Check-In to review how you're doing, spend some time getting to know each other and sharing tips that have helped us be successful with our habits.

Every Sunday you can completely your weekly review of the previous week and plan for the next week. Add to your habits or change your plan for your current habit.

Don't forget to share and post your photos EVERY DAY of you working towards or completing your habits tagging #strongertogetherchallenge #VLFitFam @gringadelmundo and @estennes.

If its helpful to you, join the site app to help with daily tasks to check off when you're done. Or use the daily review form.

We want to celebrate at the end of our 6 weeks but we want to know how YOU want to celebrate. In the comments below share your ideas for a celebration. We have an "In it to End it" shirt to give away already from Biscuits and Crazy. What else would you like?

Don't forget it is never too late for your friends and family to join the challenge. They can always refer to the initial sign up post.

You are doing great! Keep it up and let's continue getting STRONGer TOGETHER.

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