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STRONGER Together Challenge

Updated: Aug 26, 2020

The STRONGER Together Challenge starts Monday, August 24th and Virtually Limitless is here to support you. Check out the IG Live Kristi & I did talking about the upcoming challenge.

Here we will provide you with the tools you need to start and finish strong.

What can you do NOW? Here's a check list to help you get started. Complete these steps by Sunday 8/23.

🔲 Take your "before" photo

🔲 Complete your "Self Evaluation Form"

🔲 Complete the goal setting form for Week 1

🔲 Set up your weekly schedule (fitness, meals, etc.) to work FOR you


Keep this photo to look back at when the challenge is over. You'll take you "after" photo when we're all done.


Goal setting and Self- Evaluation form should be completed digitally. If you'd like to have your own copy of your measurements, feel free to print out:

Your strength assessment numbers can be written on the back of your self-evaluation sheet.


The last step to get started is to set up your weekly activity schedule.

Use this 6 week calendar to fill in your class schedule.


Once you have completed these steps, get ready to make your small changes. Starting Monday, 8/24 crush your habits. Every day take a picture of yourself meeting your daily healthy habit using hashtag #strongertogetherchallenge #VLFitFam @gringadelmundo @estennes and we'll share your accomplishments on our IG Stories too! To help stay on track we've created a daily check-in form for you to use. Use this every day to help you stay focused on your healthy habits.

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