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Why Am I the Expert

I've noticed there is a rampant case of imposter syndrome. There's also a rampant case of ego. Interesting how these two can co-exist but they do and it's almost as if they feed each other.

There are a lot of people out there spouting actual facts and there are a lot of people out there spouting their opinions believing they are fact. I'm just another one of them which is why I don't even really want to do this or be here. The problem is when I keep ignoring the little voice in my head to say something, do something, it keeps getting louder and angrier.

So you can join me on this super fun journey where I won't say anything original or groundbreaking but maybe it'll be the first time you've heard it or the first time you've heard it this way.

Or, you can return to the other millions of opinions in the world. Regardless, I'd like to hear your opinion too. Because that is how we learn and grow. Not by staying in our perfectly curated bubble but by expressing our perspectives and then listening to other's as well.

So in short, I am not the expert. I'm not even the expert in my life. I just like learning and loving.

Go smile at people.

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