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Upcoming Trainings

Join me this weekend for a STRONG Nation™ Instructor Training. Get $75 off and a free AFAA corse when you register with code eryns75. Good for a limited time. Here are the upcoming Instructor Trainings:

Saturday 7/18 8:30AM Central (Chicago, US) - 6PM

Saturday 8/8 8:30AM Central (Chicago, US) - 6PM

Saturday 9/19 8:30AM Central (Chicago, US) - 6PM

Saturday 10/10 8:30AM Central (Chicago, US) - 6 PM

As part of the training you'll get:

-An accompanying online course focused on the foundational moves and the science behind the high-intensity workouts.

-A video review of everything you learned in your live training.

-One full hour of STRONG Nationmusic and moves so you can start teaching right away.

-Become eligible to join the SYNC Network and get ongoing content, support, and tools to ensure your long-term success.


-Limited spaces for training to ensure direct focus an attention o help you learn and grow as an instructor.


If you are already a SYNC Member you can join me (or any other Strong Tech that speaks your language) for a virtual SYNC Lab. SYNC labs from the 1st-19th of every month are labs focused on skills & drills for the content released on the 1st of that month. SYNC labs from 20th-end of the month or pre-release labs helping you learn that content that will be released on the 1st of the next month (you will not get early access to the content. These labs are to help you learn the content immediately so you are ready to teach on the 1st when the music is released).

Saturday 7/25 Class 14 Quadrant 1 Pre-release 12:00PM Central (Chicago, US) - 3:30PM

Saturday 8/1 Class 14 Quadrant 1 Skills & Drills 12:00PM Central (Chicago, US) - 3:30PM

Saturday 8/29 Class 14 Quadrant 2 Pre-release 12:00PM Central (Chicago, US). - 3:30PM

Saturday 9/12 Class 14 Quadrant 2 Skills & Drills 12:00PM Central (Chicago, US) - 3:30PM

Saturday 9/26 Class 14 Quadrant 3 Pre-release 12:00PM Central (Chicago, US) - 3:30PM

Saturday 10/3 Class 14 Quadrant 3 Skills & Drills 12:00PM Central (Chicago, US) - 3:30PM

As part of the lab you'll get:

-One-on-one interaction and personal feedback from your STRONG Tech.

-Certificate of completion


-An opportunity to improve your form and technique to help you teach your classes as effective and safe as possible.

Can't wait to see you in a training or lab soon!

Check out STRONG Nation™ online for other trainings, labs as well as in-person and virtual classes.

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