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Time for a Challenge!

Guys, I have news for you! Strong Nation™ is launching the Stronger Together Challenge for 2021 💪and it will start 4/12. Some of you may be wondering: What is it? Let me share!

The challenge is “a 6-week journey toward a total-body transformation.” I would like to add it is not just your body that will transform but also your mind. It is a program to yes, tone your body but also to add new healthy habits to your life including better nutrition for example.

Now, where to start? Let me help you. 🙋‍♀️

First thing: Initial assessment. We need to track where you start so we can see your progress once the challenge is over. We will take measurements and your “before” photo. 📸 You also need to set your goals for the first week (which may NOT be related to numbers, it could be: to exercise 3 times a week at least, to drink more water, sleep 8 hours, etc.). Before the challenge starts we need to set up your weekly schedule (workouts + meals).

To recap, BEFORE the challenge starts 4/12, you need to complete these steps (schedule an initial assesment with me if you’d like help): 🔲 Take your "before" photo

🔲 Complete your "Self Evaluation Form"

🔲 Complete the goal setting form for Week 1

🔲 Set up your weekly schedule (fitness, meals, etc.) to work FOR you

Regarding the schedule, this is a guide of what your weekly schedule should include.

I would LOVE to help you through this challenge and, beyond that, help you reach your goals. I am offering an exclusive plan that will include:

✅ Help with initial assessment.

✅ 6-weeks of classes that includes Livestream classes that will follow the challenge schedule and access to OnDemand content through a private Instagram account for exclusive content.

✅ Weekly check-ins.

✅ Final assessment.

If you are a VIRTUALLY LIMITLESS or subscribed to unlimited classes with member, the challenge is FREE. If you would like to join for the 6 week challenge it’s only $100 ($677 value).

I will be having an Instagram LIVE to answer your questions and let you know more about this challenge on Monday Arpil 5th 2pm CDT.

Got any questions? Leave me a comment or DM me at Instagram. I would love to help you!

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