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Stronger Week 2

Way to

CRUSH week 1 team

It can be hard to start but we saw some amazing photos on Instagram and I know I was definitely encouraged to stick to my healthy habit this week knowing you were all right there with me. 

Last week’s focus was on STRENGTH and MT Nate Offer lead us on an amazing strength workout.  This week we’re focusing on the MIND. It is a powerful thing. You can easily talk yourself into or out of almost anything. Try talking yourself into the healthy habits and out of the ones you’re trying to give up. This Friday @wearestrongnation will host a mindfulness yoga class on their Instagram live. Don’t miss it! You can find other restorative classes online as well.

You can use our weekly check in tool to reflect on last week and set your MIND right for this next week but we have LOVED your posts. We really can’t say it enough. Keep sharing. Keep tagging!

How can we help support you this week?

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