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Stronger Together Week 3

Week 3 of our 6 week Stronger Together Challenge means we're half way. If you struggled this last week it's okay. Week 2 can be hard when the initial adrenaline of the start of the challenge wears off but that doesn't mean you stop. Healthy habits mean you start fresh every day, every hour or every minute. It means you keep trying because you are worth it.

Last week we looked at our mindset and what words we were feeding out mind. This week we're going to look more closely at how we are fueling our bodies. Many of you wanted to focus on what your relationship with food looked like so this is the perfect week to re-align your habits with your actions. What happened last week doesn't have to happen this week if it wasn't what you wanted or choices you were happy with. You can make the change. Right now identify ways you would set yourself up for better choices this week. One thing that can help, a schedule. Schedule your exercise, schedule your meals and snack, schedule your rest. Here is a schedule of what @wearestrongnation is offering on their IG Live this week.

Hope to "see" you there or at one of the classes this week. Remember, you are able and you can do hard things.

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