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Have you seen them? The Shhhhhhhhhh sweatshirts. 🤣 So let me give you some backstory on these.

How it started...😇

You know how there are people that you are just comfortable being quiet around? Like, the silence doesn't make either of you feel awkward. You could just sit there saying nothing any everything would be said. It's the release of the pressure to fill the silence. You don't have to make awkward, random small talk. I'm a safe space for quiet, reflection, existing. Well, that is part of this. It's letting people know that we don't have to force a conversation or relationship. It will grow naturally from who we are authentically. That's the nice version.

How it came about...😈

Perhaps you're introverted. Perhaps you are extroverted with introverted friends. Or, perhaps you have a friend that verbally processes everything. Perhaps you have people that force conversations with you. Perhaps you have a job requiring you to extrovert a lot and sometimes you reach your max capacity. Well have I got a sweatshirt for you.

Basically after a week of SERIOUS extroverting (it's totally a word) for this introvert I was traveling home with a lovely friend. This friend may have felt the need to fill the silence or maybe they just really wanted to chat. Unfortunately for her, this introvert was out. If I only had a sweatshirt that would gently signal my limit. 🤣

The best part about this sweatshirt is when I wear it traveling. The sweatshirt paired with my "Leave me alone" hat and noise canceling headphones give a whole vibe that I'm completely stand-offish. The reason this is so great is that for the most part, I am not. So when I tell you how funny it is to see people respond with shock when I offer to help with their bag, their kid or just hold something like a door with a smile, it's fantastic. Listen friends, I like to set that bar low so I impress.

Take a look at the ESFitFam representing their comfort in awkward silence.

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