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If You Don’t Try, You Don’t Know

January is almost over and many of us may be looking at the resolutions, goals, hopes we set for 2024 and wondering where that motivation from the beginning of January went. It can be hard to establish new habits and even harder when you're not even sure where to start. Often times that's the biggest hurdle. Just starting. Taking that first step. The first HUGE step. To be honest, it doesn't have to be that big. It is not in fact a leap like you think it is. Most of the time it's like a trip or stumble and that's okay.

You know what else is okay? If you only make it a couple days with that new goal, habit, resolution. Let the day be a wash and start it up again the next day. That's okay. Maybe you're trying to eat healthier. Maybe you want to be at the gym more. Maybe you want to ready more. Maybe you want to prioritize sleep. Whatever it may be, keep trying. The only way you feel is if you stop trying.

Maybe you're thinking about trying something you've never done before. Something you wouldn't normally think of doing. Something you don't want to do. Lifting instead of cardio. Cardio instead of lifting. Going gluten free. You're scared of looking ridiculous because you'll be so bad at it. You're scared you'll hate it. You're scared you'll love it. You're scared. But if you don't try, you'll never know.

You might think you know but until you actually try these new things that may be hard and may take some work to stay consistent, you don't actually know. That my dears, is how you fail. If you stay that ever so comfortable bubble and simmer in your well established ways that don't allow you to continually learn and grow. That is how you fail.

No matter what you believe we are here to make an impact in this world. You can't make an impact if you stay in your comfort bubble. I'm not saying you need to be Mother Teresa but you are needed in this world. If you don't know how or can't possibly think of why then you have lots of things you need to try so you can figure out the answer to those questions.

If you know the impact you can make in this world and it scares you, good. It should. That's how you know it'll make an impact. No matter the size of the pebble, stone, rock or boulder you throw into a lake it causes ripples. You don't have to throw a boulder but you do have to throw something. Your impact may start as a pebble with small ripples but they are causing ripples and those ripples are needed. Your impact is needed and the only way you fail is if you leave that pebble on the shore.

Falling is not failing. Tripping is not failing. Resting is not failing. The only way you fail is by not trying. Try, try again. If it doesn't work, try something else. But if you are trying, you are not failing.

Go smile at people. Just try.

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