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Benefits of working out with your BFF!

You’ve heard “two heads are better than one” but what also applies is: two heads have more will power, consistency and motivation.

Now, what are the actual benefits? Let me list them for you!

1) You won’t quit. Because you don’t want to leave your BFF “hanging”, you will not be making up excuses not to do your workout.

2) Eating healthy will be easier. As we know, body transformation requires eating what your body needs. This sometimes can be hard but if you and your BFF are in it together, you will have someone who will keep you accountable.

3) You can complement your exercises. You probably already have an idea of what exercises you want to do but so does your friend and they might be some you didn’t consider or maybe didn’t even know.

4) Healthy competition. This will be what may “spice up” your workouts. A little healthy competition can add motivation for both of you.

5) Laughs. Lots of laughs. During your training sesions there will be sweat, lots of sweat...but also a ton of laughs. Training together will create new memories and strength your bond.

If all of these reasons sound good to you then, what are you waiting for? Make your plan, schedule your workouts and do it!

Also, if you are looking for encouragement, accountability and lots of laughs, you can always join us on our free friday hangouts. Do you workout with your BFF? If so, what other benefits would you add? Let me know!

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