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All The Things Your Body Can Do

We're going to start a series on all the amazing things your body can do, learning our anatomy, general movements of the muscles and joints and why you might want to know your body's anatomy. You might not be excited about anatomy now but I hope by the end of this series on anatomy you will find it very helpful and maybe appreciate some of the things you can do a little more.

Our bodies are made of all sorts of cells that make up all sorts of parts. From organs to bones to muscles to blood. These beautiful things all work together to help our body complete regular daily tasks from eating to sleeping to pushing our limits. It's such a beautiful intertwining of chaos. We will focus primarily on joints and muscles in our series so we can better understand how and why we move a certain way as well as how and why would can or should improve in our movement.

Next week we'll start by looking at the feet. EW! Some people are averse to feet but don't worry you don't have to touch them and even if you do touch feet it can just be your own. We'll talk about the importance of these poorly mistreated foundations of our body, what they are built of and how they function.

As we dive into this series I'm curious to know what is a muscle or joint you've always wanted to know more about or struggle with the most?

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