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5 simple ways to keep yourself motivated to exercise regularly!

Are you struggling to find the necessary motivation to stick to your workouts? The psychology of motivation has been well researched and there are different methods you can use. When you put them into practice, these tips can be very effective. Keep reading to discover the ways you can keep yourself motivated!

1. Visualize

Sports psychologists talk about “visualization” all the time and athletes from all around the world use this technique to improve their performance. The night before your training, take 10 minutes to visualize the session in your mind. Picture yourself getting up and exercising (really picture the whole training) and how energized you feel afterwards.

2. Have fun

When we talk about exercise, people often underestimate the power of having fun. In fact, a recent study revealed that if you don’t have fun and you perceive your workout as a “job”, you are more prone to failure. Try a Zumba class or a sport you used to love or that you have always wanted to try. Enjoying your training increases the probability that you will be motivated in the long run. (As I always say: SMILE!) 3. Dress for success

It might surprise you to know that a small shopping spree (*cough* Strong ID *cough*) might be very benefitial towards your motivation to exercise. A study revealed that you can perform a task better if you are properly dressed for it.

4. Focus on your strengths

As I always tell you: you need to try to be positive. Rephrase negative thoughts (i.e., “I won’t be able to do this training”) to positive thoughts (i.e., “I always feel better after I train). Your self-talk has a very powerful effect on your capacity and motivation to perform a task. Focus your thoughts on your strengths, such as taking the time to exercise or how you did the exercise even though you didn’t feel like it.

5. Reward yourself

Positive reinforcement is a very effective way to keep you on track. Frequent rewards during the process are great to start and keep your routine. What rewards work the best for you? Tell me in the comments! For me? It’s having the people around me that give me all the above rewards. You, my FitFam are who I vizualise when getting ready for a workout, you help make it fun, and when you show up for class , YOU are my postitive reinforcement. YOU help make me want to be better, every day. If you apply these tips to keep yourself motivated you will have the strength to follow your exercise routine. Tell me, how do you keep yourself motivated?

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