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5 Days of Christmas Challenge

I know what you're thinking. "ANOTHER Holiday challenge! What now!" I can guarantee you haven't seen a challenge like this!

Starting TODAY, Sunday, December 20th, 2020 here is my challenge to you...

1-Stand in front of a mirror. It can be a bathroom mirror, a full length mirror.

2-Look at yourself for 1 minute without making a selfie face. You know what I mean. You can set a timer if you really need to but don't rush.

3-List one thing about your body you appreciate. You don't have to like it or think it's beautiful but it does amazing things for you. It can be a simple function of your body or something your body has brought you through.

That's it. If you'd like to share in the comments what you're grateful for each day I'm sure your responses would inspire others. When so many people are hyper-focusing on working out to keep up with Holiday eating or over-eating, take time to find balance. To enjoy this time of year, we can't feel shame for enjoying the amazing foods that come with this time of year. To enjoy this year, we can't feel shame for the stress our bodies go through. To enjoy this time of year, we can't hyper-focus on doing all the workouts to cancel out what we eat. Our bodies are amazing and do amazing things. Just as we can't out exercise a "bad" diet." We can do all the workouts, eat all the "right" things but if we don't appreciate our body is it is now, it's unlikely we will appreciate our bodies when they look any differently. So right now, as you are, let's find ways we appreciate our bodies. If you eat the cookies, enjoy the memories of making them and the people you are eating them with. If you do the workout, enjoy the workout because you're having fun and it feels good to move. And when you look in the mirror, appreciate where you are right now.

Challenge starts now!

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Dec 23, 2020

Beautifully put. ❤️


When i look in the mirror the first thing i am.grateful for is my skin that has changed over the last months to be now better. I was suffering from skins problems and driness due to my mode of life, my food and also the pollution and the lack of sleep. This last point i will skip it, but with confinement and the lockdown i have banned most of the bad habits, the alcohol, the fake cheese, junk food and i found time to take care of my skin and health in general. Another very important point is my expression is less sad, i was in kinda burnout and now i took time to slow down and i reunited with an…

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