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2024 Reading List

If you missed the January newsletter (why did you miss the January newsletter 🤨🤣), here is the 2024 reading list. You can do one book a quarter or one book a month or even more if you so desire.

The books are categorized as fitness, entrepreneurship, science and mindset. If you read them monthly, you will read 3 from each category. If you read them quarterly, you will read 1 from each category.

I have the links to them on Amazon. You may be able to find them at your local bookstore as well.

I may have started our January book in December so....I've started reading Atomic Habits as well.

*January-The Subtle Art of Not Giving a #@%! By: Mark Manson

February-The Blue Zone Challenge By: Dan Buettner

March-Trust & Inspire By Stephen M.R. Covey

*April-Hidden Potential By: Adam Grant

May-Unf*ck Yourself By: Gary John Bishop

June-Sciense of Strength Training By: Austin Current

*July-Leaders Eat Last By: Simon Sinek

August-Think, Fast & Slow By: Daniel Kahneman

September-Everything is F*cked By: Mark Manson

*October-Change Maker By: John Berardi, Ph.D.

November-Diary of a CEO By: Steven Barlett

December-Scarcity Brain By: Michael Easter

I have additional books listed on my Amazon Book List. If you need more book recommendations, PLEASE let me know, or drop your favorites in the comments.

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Great book list. 💪 love it. I have enjoyed Hidden Potential a lot and „think again“ is on my list, too. Love to listen to the audiobook especially when those are in English to learn how to pronounce etc.

Would you mind to post the cover or the title/author of the pink anatomy book here as well, again?

Thank you again for sharing those inspirations.

Jan 15
Replying to

Yes! It’s from Awesome Anatomy and you can get a small discount with this link

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